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There’s a Sunoco gas station near my house where I get gas 90-percent of the time, unless I’m out of town or whatnot. Sometimes, I even go in and get a honeybun or Jungle Juice. Anyways, yesterday (Thursday) was pay day and I usually try and put some gas in my car when I have some money to throw away. So, I pull up and nearly collasped when I saw the price of gas — $3.69 for “87” or regular.


I know gas prices are high and I know I live in the Northeast were things — apartments, adult beverages, value meals — are ridiculously overpriced, but this was the highest I’ve ever paid for gas –ever. Mind you, I roll in a mediocre SUV, so my tank is a tad bigger than your average sedan. So $20 worth of gas, assuming I’m close to ‘E’ that would barely get past a a quarter of a tank of gas, which is maybe 2 trips to and from work and to the girls house and back.

It’s too bad Connecticut doesn’t have some sort of METRO, because not only does METRO open doors, it saves a little bit of money. I could walk, but I’d have to leave home at about 4-5 in the morning to make it by 9.

The gas inflation has been one of the biggest complaints of the Bush Administration. It seems, to me at least, that in the past eight years, gas has gone from tolerable to flat out depressing. Kat Williams said it best, you shouldn’t have make life decisions when you’re at the gas tank, but we do. It’s a “how far can I get on $10 mentality” which is sad.

Say what you want, but back in the Bill Clinton era, gas wasn’t out of control. $20 back then could nearly fill up a car, especially my little Chevy Cavalier. Maybe it was because Billy was focused on “other” things, but all I know is when Bill was getting some ass, we paid a lot less for gas.