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RIP Bernie Mac

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Comedy

About a week ago, a cousin of mine sent me an e-mail asking if Bernie Mac had died.

Immediately, I flipped over to CNN — nothing.

I checked the major news sites online — nothing.

I went to Wikipedia and they had something about his death, but apparently it was just a rumor. The truth, at the time, was that Mac had been admitted to a local hospital in Chicago for an undisclosed situation.

I knew he had had some help problems in the past, but it was nothing serious. I thought nothing of it.

Unfortunately, what was a rumor just a few days ago, became a harsh reality Saturday morning as Bernie Mac, one of the funniest comedians of our time, died due to complications from pneumonia.

He was just 50.

Mac was one of my favorite comedians off all time to go along with Richard Pryor, Rickey Smiley, Earthquake, DC Curry and others. His unique style of dress and his unique storytelling set him apart from others.

The mainstream audience came to know him through Kings of Comedy, the Bernie Mac Show and several movies he was in. However the black viewing audience, particularly those in the Chicagoland area knew him from his underground work and later on in the early days of Def Comedy Jam.

No matter if you were a long-time fan or just caught a couple of his acts casually while flipping the channel, Bernie Mac always made you laugh to the point of tears. And, as George Clooney said, the world just got a lot less funny.