I’m very simple. I live, love and laugh. I’m very easily amused. I don’t take myself too serious and I live each day to the fullest. I have spent time in 19 states. I have shaken hands with Hall of Famers, millionaires and crackheads off the streets. I have been in the same room with the President of the United States, convicted felons and people who were dying of cancer. I have been in the same room where shots have been fired and I’ve had a gun pointed at me. I’ve made and lost friends over the years. A Virginia native, I currently reside in the Northeast where 3-feet of snow is the norm and last minute trips to Manhattan are the regular. I aspire to the best. Success is my only option.

  1. Thanks for reading my blog…I think you are the first one (outside of my wife) that has ever left a comment! I noticed you also read Landall’s… Do we know each other?

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